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About kasandra

I'm a 37 single mom who's been struggling to feed, cloth and shelter her 2 yr old son. All started when my son was only 2 months old. I got fired after my maternity leave was over and couldn't afford day care or knew where to get an affordable, trusted baby sitter. I stayed home with no income whatsoever. My husband walked out on me a couple of months later and I ended up in a room at my mom's house after getting evicted from my own apartment. I wasn't getting child support so I had to work shitty jobs to support my son and myself.

To make the story short, I wasn't getting along with my mom who couldn't understand the tough times i was going through and I ended up selling my cheap car in order to get a decent apartment for my son to call home!

I went to social services to get some temporary help with rent and day care but couldn't get any. I'm currently working but the money I make only pays my rent. I can't afford buying food or cloths or even toys for my son! 

I'm calling the single moms out there for advise

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