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I'm a 37 single mom who's been struggling to feed, cloth and shelter her 2 yr old son. All started when my son was only 2 months old. I got fired after my maternity leave was over and couldn't afford day care or knew where to get an affordable, trusted baby sitter. I stayed home with no income whatsoever. My husband walked out on me a couple of months later and I ended up in a room at my mom's house after getting evicted from my own apartment. I wasn't getting child support so I had to work shitty jobs to support my son and myself.

To make the story short, I wasn't getting along with my mom who couldn't understand the tough times i was going through and I ended up selling my cheap car in order to get a decent apartment for my son to call home!

I went to social services to get some temporary help with rent and day care but couldn't get any. I'm currently working but the money I make only pays my rent. I can't afford buying food or cloths or even toys for my son! 

I'm calling the single moms out there for advise

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Even though you didn't qualify for rent assistance or day care you might still be eligible for foodstamps, they set the income limits higher for that program.

I found this program that might be able to help you


State of N J Community Affairs Department: Rental Assistance Program
7 Sussex Ave # 1
Morristown, NJ 07960-3892
(973) 631-6285
Here's a list of foodbanks where you would be able to get some food to help out.

Interfaith Food Pantry

 - - (973) 538-8049 - More

Community Food Bank of Nj

 - - (908) 355-3663 - More

St Mary's Food Pantry

 - - (973) 831-4442 - More

Food Bank For New York City

 - - (212) 566-7855 - More

Loaves & Fishes Interfaithfood Pantry

 - - (973) 253-8557 - More

St Matthew Trinity Lutheran

 - - (201) 659-4499 - More

Community Food Bank

 - - (908) 353-7625 - More

Human Needs Food Pantry

 - - (973) 746-4669 - More

Pickles Olives Etc.

 - - (212) 717-8966 - 6 reviews

Food Bank Network of Somerset County

 - - (732) 560-1813 - More
I always reccommend freecycle for clothes, furniture, toys and things like that.
Just type in your city and state and it should bring up the one closest to your area.  You would be amazed at the things people will give away on there.  You can also post a wanted message and might be able to get specific things you need.
Talk to tigerlily1973